Reputation & Identity Reputation is the image that people have of a person or business. A company’s reputation is formed by behavior (staff/employees), communication and design. This creates the personality of the company. Identity is the total of all means by which the company manifests itself publicly. It is ideal when reputation and identity match.

Corporate Identity A corporate identity is an important management tool. It allows us to positively propagate and promote the unique character of our company. A strong and consistent corporate identity increase brand awareness, strengthens the identification with the organization – internal and external – and clarifies the distinction relative to the competition. Recognition and identification makes it easier for the audience to make a choice and to build a close relationship with the brand.

Visual identity Important pillars in the visual identity are:
• Company / brand name
• Logo
• Colors
• Typography
• The use of image (photography, illustration)

These basic elements are applied to the identity components such as (digital) communication, printing, vehicles, buildings, and packaging. The tone of voice of the texts also play a role in the communication strategy.

Guidelines This document has been developed to work with one another on a consistent corporate identity with a uniform appearance to create communication for specific audiences in one unique, recognizable style.



This logo is used in the corporate communication


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